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Skogafoss is one of the attractions on the Ring Road. It’s about 2 hours away from Reykjavik but worth a day trip since there are plenty of other sites to see on route.  There are many beautiful waterfalls in Iceland but I have 3 reasons why you should set aside some time for Skogafoss. If you need directions to the falls, please visit the interactive map on my post Top 10 Things to do in Iceland.


  1. This is a stunning waterfall and if the sun is out, you’ll get to see a double rainbow. It’s hard to get a good shot with so many tourist, so if you’re driving, plan your visit around the daily tours. If you visit in the summer, it’ll be easy to avoid the peak hours since you’ll have the midnight sun on your side. There is also plenty of parking space and like most natural attractions in Iceland, it is free.


    double rainbow

  2. The second reason for visiting Skogafoss is to find the Fimmvörðuháls hiking trail. This is a beautiful 25 km hike that follows the Skogar river, taking you past endless views of waterfalls and rolling green hills. Once it leaves the river, it takes you on a path in between Eyjafjallajökull and Myrdalsjokull. You can find the trailhead for Fimmvörðuháls by walking up the staircase to overlook the mouth of the waterfalls. Here you will see a fence with a little ladder, this is the start of the trail.

    trailhead for fimmvörðuháls just up the stairs

    My husband and I visited Iceland twice and unfortunately, we have not had the time to hike this trail in full. However, we did a day hike both times, once in May and another time in October. This place is beautiful anytime of the year.

    This trail is on my bucket list. Next time we visit Iceland, we plan on completing it and continuing onto the famous Laugavegur Trail, which should take us from Thorsmork to Landmannalaugar. It takes approximately 5 days and it’s only possible during the summer. If you like hiking, I would recommend doing some research and getting proper hiking gear. The weather in the highlands can be unpredictable. Also, check out the mountain huts located along the trail, they provide a nice option to camping. Keep in mind that a night stay in a mountain hut is not cheap, costing about ISK 8000 per person. Click here for more information on mountain huts.

    Skogar River

    following the Skogar River in May

    Skogar River

    more waterfalls along the Skogar River in October

    fimmvörðuháls trail

    just keep hiking

  3. The third reason for visiting Skogafoss is for the fish and chips served at Sveitagrill Miu -Mia’s Country Grill. This colourful food truck, located near the entrance of the falls, serves the most delicious fish and chips. A perfect meal to have after hiking around Skogar river.
    Sveitagrill Miu -Mia's Country Grill

    Time for delicious fish and chips

    Sveitagrill Miu -Mia's Country Grill

    a view perfect for fish and chips

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