Natural hot springs in Iceland Reykjadalur
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Searching for Natural Hot Springs in Iceland – Reykjadalur

Before flying off to Reykjavik I spent some time searching for natural hot springs in Iceland. Out of all the ones that I found Reykjadalur is my favourite. There is nothing quite like soaking in a river flowing with hot spring and fresh water, surrounded by green Icelandic hills and mountains. If you enjoy hiking and hot springs, Reykjadalur hot river is the perfect place for you. In my opinion , it’s better than spending all your cash at the Blue Lagoon.

We hiked to the Reykjadalur hot river in May and we had an amazing time. It was our last stop after a long day of hiking and we had the midnight sun to accompany us on this trip. Reykjadalur is about a 45 minute drive from Reykjavik. There’s a parking lot right at the trailhead, as well as a coffee shop.  The hike to the bathing area is approximately 1 hour each way and passes some steep hillsides.  You’ll get to see amazing views of the Icelandic landscape and tons of geothermal activity.  There will also be horse poop on the trail since horseback riding is a big thing in Iceland. If you would like to see the exact location, visit my post Top 10 Things to do in Iceland where there is an interactive map.

Natural hot springs in Iceland Reykjadalur

Start of the trail

Reykjadalur - Iceland Hot Spring

the hike continues…

Reykjadalur - Iceland Hot Spring

still hiking…I almost forgot about this part of the trail…

Reykjadalur - Iceland Hot Spring

getting closer…

As you approach the bathing area, you will see portions of the hot river. Be careful as some of these spots may be too hot to bathe in. Just keep following the trail until the steam vents from the ground get so strong that it becomes hard to see past them. Once you pass these, you’ll turn a corner and see the glorious hot river complete with a boardwalk. Just a warning, the changing area is completely open and you will be exposed to the cold air. So the quicker you can hop into the river the better.  Keep this in mind if you’re debating whether or not you should wear your bathing suit under your hiking clothes.

Natural hot springs in Iceland Reykjadalur

Yassss!!!! Hot spring time

Reykjadalur - Iceland Hot Spring

There are many natural hot springs in Iceland but if your tight for time I highly recommend Reykjadalur hot river.  It’s just 45 minutes from Reykjavik and the reward for the hike is total immersion into the beautiful Icelandic landscape.

Some tips for your visit to natural hot springs in Iceland:

  • pack snacks and drinks
  • bring towels and plastic bags for wet clothes and garbage
  • wear hiking shoes, just in case the trail is slippery
  • most importantly clean up after yourself in your visit to Reykjadalur. Iceland is beautiful and it should stay that way for generations to enjoy.

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