walking the Camino Larassoana to Pamplona
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Walking the Camino: Day 4 – Larrasoana to Pamplona – 16.5 km

I can’t quite remember how I felt the morning of my last day on the Camino. I think at the beginning of the day we were too focused on getting to Pamplona. The walk from Larrasoana to Pamplona would be a short 16.5 km and the thought that we would be done that day hadn’t quite sunken in yet.

I cooked a Filipino breakfast using the eggs we bought from Zubiri the previous day. Naturally we had a late start and by the time we got on the Camino, we saw some of our friends who stayed in Zubiri already passing by Larrasoana.

walking the Camino Larassoana to Pamplona

first and only day with such a big breakfast

walking the Camino Larassoana to Pamplona

heading out to the first town

walking the Camino Larassoana to Pamplona

first cafe con leche stop with this cool cat

It was a relatively easy walk to Pamplona, the route was fairly flat and we passed a couple of small towns, before arriving at Puente de Arre. From there on, the scenery turned quite urban all the way to Pamplona. It was jarring to be back in the city and see so many people and cars.

Including our time in St. Jean, it had been 5 days since we had seen any urban city. It doesn’t sound like a long time. However, being immersed in the Spanish countryside for the last few days made it feel like ages. We arrived in Pamplona in the early afternoon. We stayed in Aloha Hostal Pamplona about a 15 min. walk from to the old downtown. I still remember another girl arriving that same day to start her Camino. She would be walking the next day, while we would be flying out.

walking the Camino Larassoana to Pamplona

arriving at Puente de Arre

walking the Camino Larassoana to Pamplona

first time back in a city

aloha hostel pamplona 

probably one of the nicest hostal we stayed in during our camino

Having done zero research on Pamplona, I was surprised to see how beautiful it was. It was amazing to see the old walled city incorporated into the downtown area. The albergues for the Camino is situated in old downtown. The rest of the city is a university town and popular for the running of the bulls. Had I known how beautiful the city was and how delicious pinxtos would be, I wouldn’t have planned our flight back to Paris for the next day.

walking the Camino Larassoana to Pamplona

Entering Pamplona

walking the Camino Larassoana to Pamplona

Pamplona the walled city

walking the Camino Larassoana to Pamplona

view of Pamplona from the city wall

We spent the rest of our time in Pamplona strolling around the old downtown, eating pinxtos and sighting other pilgrims evident by the hiking sandals that they wore. We realized that it was a weird feeling transitioning to the role of a tourist. I soon regretted booking the rest of my trip for Paris and Iceland. All I wanted to do was walk again the next day. I caught the Camino bug and I knew that I would have to come back real soon.

Camino Tips – Larrasoana to Pamplona:

  • It’s a short easy day so take your time getting to Pamplona
  • Consider staying at Aloha Hostal 18 euros per person with access to a full kitchen
  • If you have time stay an extra day to walk around Pamplona the city is lively especially at night
  • Instead of looking for a pilgrim’s meal try the different bars and have some pinxtos. I recommend the croquetas pimiento at Gaucho.

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