Landbrotalaug hot spring
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Landbrotalaug Hot Spring – A Tiny Hot Spring with a Massive View

Landbrotalaug hot spring is a small natural spring in Snaefellsness. It’s one of those places that makes you feel like you’ve discovered your own little paradise. It fits two people comfortably and the water temperature is perfect for soaking in the gorgeous Icelandic view.

Landbrotalaug hot pot

We counted ourselves lucky when we found this place. We just finished a day of exploring in Snaefellsjokull National Park and since the midnight sun was on our side, we decided to go on a little hunt for this hot pot. It was a little bit difficult to find Landbrotalaug since it’s tucked further in a dirt road. However, after turning from road 54 into the dirt road with the sign Stóra Hraun, we were finally on our way. We followed the path past an abandoned farm house, all the way to a small parking lot.  From the parking lot, it was easy to see that others had beaten us to the hot spring. So we patiently waited in the car for our turn.

landbrotalaug hot pot

Once we saw the other bathers leaving, we crossed through the stepping stones across a small river. This took us directly to the hot spring.  Please note, this is a natural hot spring and there are no change rooms or showers. So come prepared and be organized to avoid spending too much time changing in the cold wind. After some exposure to the cold, the hot spring felt amazing. It was deep enough to cover our whole body and we enjoyed a good 30 min. soak. Landbrotalaug was our first natural hot spring experience in Iceland and we loved every moment of it. We soaked in the view of the mountains in the distance and enjoyed this natural wonder.

Landbrotalaug hot pot

Landbrotalaug hot pot

Landbrotalaug hot spring

enjoying a soak in the Landbrotalaug hot spring

When you visit remember to be considerate. Enjoy your time but keep in mind that the hot spring is there for everyone to enjoy.  This place is completely free and I think the best way to give back is to show the place the respect it deserves.  Keep the place clean and be respectful of other bathers.

Tips For Your Trip to Landbrotalaug Hot Spring:

  • If you’re coming from Reykjavik, after passing the Eldborg crater on road 54, turn into the dirt road with the sign Stóra Hraun and follow the path to the parking lot
  • Google Co-ordinates that we followed to get there – N64 49.923 W22 19.130
  • If you have any problems locating Landbrotolaug Hot Spring, please click Top Ten Things To do in Iceland for the Interactive Map
  • Bring a bag for your clothes and large towel, make sure there’s something heavy in the bag so it doesn’t fly away

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