Hoffel Hot Pots
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Hoffel Hot Pots – Soak in The Glacier View

We took a break in Hoffel Hot Pots during our drive from Egilsstaðir to our hotel near Vatnajökull National Park. It was the perfect stop for us to have a snack and a soak after a long day of driving in the fog and rain. As I stepped into the warm water, all the stress from driving in such thick fog melted away.

Hoffel Hot Pots

The Hoffel Hot Pots is truly a unique Icelandic experience. For the low price of 500 Kronas per person, we were able to enjoy a nice hot soak with an amazing view. There were four tubs with varying temperatures for us to choose from. The hot water from the spring is fed into the tubs with a tube. We didn’t have much company there, just a group of 3 ladies visiting from America and they were nearly finished by the time we arrived. There are also separate change rooms for men and women and an outdoor shower. I found the change room to be surprisingly clean and spacious. It was conveniently located near the tubs.  Also, it is customary to shower before jumping into the tubs. So when in Iceland, take a nice cold shower outside to rinse off before stepping into the hot tub.

Hoffel Hot Pots

The best part about this place is the view.   We soaked in the Hoffel Hot Pots surrounded by mountains and an amazing view of Hoffel’s glacier. Our stopover here was only 1-2 hours but it is one of the most memorable experiences I have of Iceland. Four simple hot tubs, unattended in the middle of nowhere, complete with a shower and change room. Open for people from across the world to enjoy, just by paying 500 kronas into a plastic tube. This is how things should be.  It says “hey guys we trust you to pay and to take care of yourselves.” I don’t know how the Icelanders manage to keep things so simple. If these hot tubs were in Ontario, there would be signs everywhere warning people about the dangers and there would be at least 2-3 people manning the place. This truly is a unique Icelandic experience.

Things to Keep in Mind for your Visit to Hoffel Hot Pots

  • bring flip flops and towels
  • pack a snack and drinks for a little picnic (make sure to clean up after yourself)
  • the hot pots are easy to find in google maps but if you have trouble, click on my article Top Ten Things To Do in Iceland for the interactive map
  • bring cash for the tube.  It unfortunately doesn’t take credit 😛

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