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Glymur Waterfall – Best Day Hike in Iceland

Glymur Waterfall from our experience was one of the best day hike in Iceland and a perfect introduction to the country. If you’re staying in Reykjavik and have limited time, don’t miss this hike. It’s about an hour drive north west from Reykjavik and it is not too difficult to find the trailhead. There’s a sign for Glymur Falls on road 47. Follow it all the way to the dirt road, till you reach the parking lot. Then you’ll see this sign.

glymur waterfall 

A little warning sign before starting the hike to Glymur waterfall

The hike to the falls is around 2.5 km one way.  Along the trail we saw some amazing views of towering cliffs with birds nesting on the side, a giant gorge where the river from the falls run through, and of course Glymur Falls. The trail is clearly marked and starts off with a log crossing over a river. As it continues, it climbs steeper uphill. There are rope handles to assist in these tricky areas. Once you reach the falls, you can hike back down the same way. If you have the energy, walk a little further up, past the falls, following the Botnas River. From here you can cross the river and hike back on the other side of the gorge.

glymur waterfall 

just a short log crossing before really getting into this hike

Glymur Waterfall

a little steep at times


glymur waterfall 

getting closer

glymur waterfall 

and there it is Glymur Waterfall

We chose to walk past the fall and we wandered a bit trying to find a dry spot to cross the river. Eventually I slipped and my foot landed in the ice cold water. Too late to turn back, we decided to waddle across the river, hiking back down with wet shoes. If you’re tempted to try this hike, below are some tips that I have listed for you.

glymur waterfall 

but first a snack

glymur waterfall .

a river to cross.

glymur waterfall

drying the feet after slipping in the river

Glymur Waterfall

heading back down

Tips for Hiking Glymur Waterfall:

  • Directions: Please visit my post Top Ten Things To Do In Iceland for the Interactive Map
  • Wear hiking shoes, there are steep areas and hiking back down on the other side of the gorge is extremely rocky in areas. This won’t be fun with your converse.
  • Bring sandals if you plan on crossing the river.
  • Have your water and snacks handy, I like to make sandwiches and bring granola bars.

Glymur Falls is an unforgettable experience and after hiking other trails in Iceland, it’s still one of my favourites. If you enjoyed this article, please subscribe and share 🙂


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