Everest Base Camp Trek – DAY 3: Namche Acclimatization & Day 4: Namche to Tengboche

Namche acclimatization Day:

If I could do it all again I would probably spend 3 nights in Namche. It’s such a great town, and an extra day to acclimatize would have probably been good for my health. I was starting to feel a little sick, the previous night I had a little head ache and threw up my dal bhat.EBC TREK - view from our tea house in Namche

EBC TREK – view from our tea house in Namche

But today was a new day. After a late breakfast I felt much better. Our guide took us on a day hike to Everest Viewpoint Hotel. We joined a long line of trekkers already on the steep up-hill path. It’s funny how so many people spend their vacation trekking.

Part way through the hike we caught a great view of Namche. I’ve seen so many images of it, and now here I was living the dream. We continued on to the Everest Viewpoint Hotel.  But the clouds had already covered the mountains. Still I was happy to rest and do some cloud watching.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing around town. We watched the kids play, chit chatted with other trekkers and browsed through the many shops. We met some interesting people in Namche. There was a Sherpa guiding his trekkers through the 3 passes. There was also, an Israeli man who was a spending a year travelling around the world. He showed us some of his pictures from Mongolia.  How awesome it would be to take a year off and jut see the world.

Namche (3,440 m ) to Tengboche (3,860m): 5-6 hr

We left the tea-house at 7:30 a.m. I knew we would have to re-trace part of the up-hill climb from yesterday, and I was dreading it. But to my surprise it was easier than I thought it would be. I was feeling pretty positive. Also, the skies cleared up revealing a jaw-dropping view of the snow-capped mountains that surrounded Namche.

The path to Tengboche wound around the mountain marking each turn with a chorten. I enjoyed the views of the mountains ahead of me.  It was a nice easy walk that led downhill to Phunki Tenga at 3250 m.  This is where we had lunch. I was already feeling a cold coming on I opted for Veg. Ra Ra soup (instant noodles) and ginger tea. This became my diet for the rest of the trek.

After lunch we crossed a bridge and passed another checkpoint. From here we climbed up many switchbacks that led us to Tengboche. There were some rough times, and I was grateful for the porters on the trail that played their tunes loudly and proudly. Someone even had Bob Marley’s 3 little birds playing. It played at the perfect time, re-assuring us that “every little thing gonna be alright.”

We made it to Tengboche, my favourite stop. It was here that we caught our first glimpse of Everest. They also have one of the largest monastery in the region. We went inside to watch the prayers, but there was no puja for the day. Instead we walked around for a while soaking in the intense colours of the monastery, the prayer flags and the snow-capped mountains.

Our tea house was pretty decent. There was a western style toilet next to our room, and across the hallway was a running faucet. I was feeling a little off so I decided to take a Tylenol. Later that night I had a fever. My sister also got diarrhea. Was this the beginning of the end for us????

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